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Waves C1 Compgate Download [Updated-2022]




The 3-module design of the C1 enables a variable sample rate conversion of up to 8 stages in a single device. Additionally, the C1 offers an intuitive sample rate conversion workflow that allows users to easily perform sample rate conversion in one intuitive drag-and-drop workflow. Through various filters, the C1 allows complex and natural harmonic frequencies, as well as overamplified signals to pass through without distortion. Besides its intuitive workflow and large-format output, the C1’s ease of use comes in part from its compact size . Notable features include the NN-33's ability to automatically adjust its gain to compensate for room-to-room variations in input levels, a 3.5mm input jack for connecting virtually any instrument or recording device, and an all-metal chassis which is sturdy and durable. Availability and Pricing The C1 is available for immediate shipping at The C1 costs $649 US MSRP, plus shipping and handling. History The NN-33 was created from the desire to record, process, and play back musical performances in a way that is both convenient and offers the highest quality. Working closely with engineers, composers, and producers, NN-33 has created a digital recording and processing system that empowers them to be more creative and productive. With the inspiration of great analog recording and processing tools, NN-33 is committed to creating a studio workflow that will enable new possibilities for anyone who uses music in their daily life. NN-33 is a three-piece company consisting of three people: Lee Bingenhuysen (HN-33), Robert Verite (RV-33), and Miles Anderson (MA-33). HN-33 and RV-33 are experienced engineers and producers who have spent years working with a variety of analog and digital recording and processing tools, including: API, Presonus, Roland, and Neve. Together, HN-33 and RV-33 work closely with composers and producers to balance the number of parameters and knobs with the necessity for a more musical workflow. MA-33 is an avid musician and composer who has worked as a sound engineer at several recording studios. He has helped develop the user experience of each NN-33 product. The NN-33 design team first came together when two of the team members were students at Berklee College of Music. While in school, the two began



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Waves C1 Compgate Download [Updated-2022]

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